1:1 Personal training

Olga is extremely professional, knowledgeable and inspiring personal trainer who I would highly recommend. As  a relative newcomer to exercise, I wanted to learn more about exercise and improve my fitness. I had been going to the gym but felt I was not achieving the results that I wanted. After an initial thorough questionnaire about my diet and my fitness goals, Olga designed a programme for me involving both personal training sessions and a plan for me to do on my own. Each training session has involved new and varied exercises – all designed to keep challenging me and prevent boredom, but also working towards my individual goals. During my sessions, I have learnt to use a variety of gym equipment, such as TRX, BOSU ball, kettlebells, cable machine, power plate, boxing and more!
Olga is extremely professional, knowledgeable and inspiring personal trainer who I would highly recommend. Olga’s enthusiasm for fitness is inspiring and she has a genuine passion for passing this enthusiasm on to others, even managing to make the challenging sessions enjoyable! After only 6 weeks, I already feel stronger, fitter and more confident.

NHS Manager

1:1 Personal training

This is the first time I have worked with a personal trainer and I have really enjoyed it and have already seen excellent results in terms of improvement in strength and tone of my body within a very short period of time.With the guidance and support of Olga I have been able to push myself much harder than I thought was possible, which has given me a real sense of achievement and determination to do more. I feel more confident in being able to try different types of exercise including weights and have programmes I can now follow on my own.


I would highly recommend Olga as a personal trainer.  Thank you, Olga!  I look forward to continuing with our monthly sessions.

Business partner

1:1 Personal training

This is my second year with Olga as my personal trainer. I have back and knee problems and Olga has based my training around this and it has improved greatly and without her encouragement and training, I dread to think where I would be now. I can highly recommend her as she makes the sessions seem enjoyable and easy although she works you hard but only to your ability. I will certainly continue with Olga as long as I can.



1:1 Personal training

Working with Olga has been amazing, her knowledge and positive encouragement was exactly what I needed having spent over 40 years dancing at the Royal Ballet Company in Covent Garden. Olga took over the final stages of my rehabilitation after a hip replacement operation, helping me to regain the strength I need to keep my hip safe and to confidently enjoy a strong and healthy body in retirement! Long may it continue! Thank you, Olga.

1:1 Personal training

Sessions with Olga are better than I ever could have expected. She has always taken into account both my fitness levels and what I enjoy doing to provide a challenging but fun session that pushes me further and further each week. If you’re looking for someone who will help you to achieve your fitness goals, push you a little bit further than you’ve ever thought you were capable of & put a smile on your face each week then look no further.

Store Manager

Mummy&Buggy 6 weeks course

I am not a massive fan of exercise but really needed to get out of the house, meet people and start getting fit again. Olga is great at letting you set the pace. You can take it easy when you start and push yourself when you feel ready. Even though classes are in a group they can be tailored to the individual as if you can’t do an exercise she will set you something else. I particularly liked that she is fully trained and able to advise what exercise is safe for Mum’s who have just given birth. I now find I finish class full of energy and feeling really good.Thoroughly recommend this class for anyone of any fitness level…Mandy Moon

Senior Test Engineer

1:1 Personal training

If you are looking for a fantastic personal trainer I would really recommend Olga. She tailor made a holistic training programme encompassing my individual needs and goals. I saw Olga once a week for a training session, which was always varied and challenging and she provided me with a programme to do during the week. Olga always checked in with me during the week to offer me additional support and motivation if required!
Olga attitude and approach during my training session was just right she motivated me to keep going and had real geniuses to empower me to improve my fitness, tone up and improve my diet. A bonus was that I felt that she could relate to my personal struggle to loose the baby weight as she had also had a child of a similar age to mine. I can now look in the mirror and love what I see!

Occupational therapist

1:1 Personal training

      After picking up a foot injury running, I booked in with Olga for some personal training sessions to manage my weight and fitness for when I could return to running.

      I loved the sessions and learned so much about getting my nutrition right to support my training, and how to train with the free weights area of the gym (that had frightened me before).

      After training with Olga I came back from injury stronger than ever and dropped over 5% body fat. But best of all, I now know what I am doing and can get the most out if my gym time.

      I can’t recommend Olga highly enough, she was wonderful!

Data and Information Systems manager

1:1 Personal training

I have really enjoyed working with Olga, she has been a great motivator.  Tahnk you very much for the final assessment, I am really pleased with the overal final result I have managed to achieve in just a few weeks. Thank you so much for all encouragement when I felt I really coudn’t do ”one more” lunge/dumbell raise. Olga shows you that that we can all push ourselves more than we think. I feel much fitter, have really noticed a ”toning up” of arms and legs and I am ready to carry on with the exercise programmes Olga designed for me as a long-term of my healthy living plan.

1:1 Personal training

I’ve just kate-300finished a block of training with Olga (hopefully not my last!) but it has been such a positive experience, I felt I had to write to recommend her. Olga listened to what I wanted to achieve over the course of our sessions and, taking into account my background and other training I do, tailored a programme for me that was perfect.
Every session was different (I loved them all!) with a variety of equipment and exercises which meant both that I have become much more confident in using the gym generally and never lost motivation to train. I can also see and feel a difference in my strength, which was my ultimate goal.
Olga is friendly, approachable and really knowledgeable so she’s been happy to answer any questions I’ve had – I’ve learnt lots from her!
I am so pleased I made the decision to go ahead and book a PT. I’d never done anything like it before, but if you’re as I was (unsure about whether to give it a go / if it would be worth doing) I’d say do it – book Olga and you won’t be disappointed!

Primary Teacher

1:1 Personal training

One of the best life decisions I’ve made is to do personal training. I used to go to the gym and not see results, but after only a few weeks of personal training, I could see the improvement. I was lifting more, needing fewer breaks and even enjoying myself, I looked forward to the gym.

I would highly recommend personal training if you have a very busy lifestyle. I didn’t have time to go to the gym multiple times a week. Therefore it was amazing that I got results from just one session a week and following a healthy diet. Olga gave excellent dietary advice, including meal ideas.

Each one of Olga’s sessions was different so that I never got bored and learnt lots of different workouts and exercises. Olga’s manner was always friendly and professional. We trained for almost a year together and I will miss our sessions dearly!




1:1 Personal training

If you want to work with a personal trainer for whatever goals you have, I highly recommend Olga. I have been working with her for the past couple of weeks and I can see a great improvement in my posture and health. She constantly reviews your technique and progress so that you achieve your goals quickly. Sessions are dynamic, challenging and fun, which keeps you interested and motivated.

Assistant manager

1:1 Personal training

I have been exercising alone for the last couple of years but although my fitness levels are good I was still not feeling like my body was changing to what I would like it to be. I hated the thought of a PT but due to having a knee injury I decided that I needed one to keep my fitness up without damaging my knee further. From my first meeting, Olga put me at ease & she has pushed me more than I would have ever achieved on my own. I have loved every session so much so that I will be continuing to use Olga as my PT even though my knee is getting better. Thanks, Olga!

Mum of two

1:1 Personal training

I have been training with Olga for nearly a year and in that time I have lost nearly 2 stone and 2 dress sizes. She has taught me loads about nutrition and lifting weights. My weekly sessions really push me but are enjoyable at the same time and I get a copy of the workout to repeat in my own sessions. Olga is also really flexible with arranging shifts around my work. Can’t recommend enough!…


1:1 Personal training

Just finished my 10-week block with Olga and I am over the moon! If you are looking for a trainer I can not recommend her highly enough. She has pushed me, motivated me, helped me with any questions I had and most importantly never let me quit! I’ve had great results and I’m so happy with my training that I have booked more sessions.

Notes from the trainer: It’s been almost a year since Kim wrote this review and she is still training with me.




Teaching assistent

1:1 Personal training

When I first started with Olga I was feeling really low, unhealthy and had no motivation. I booked my free taster session and this made me realise how unfit I was and how much I needed the help. Knowing Olga would push me more than I ever would  myself, I signed up straight away. In every session, I am pushed to my limits and when I struggle for those last few reps Olga is there driving me on. I have been having sessions every week for the past year and there has been a huge improvement in my health, body shape and overall mindset. The sessions can be tough but I honestly love every minute of it. I cannot recommend Olga enough; she is an amazing personal trainer, gives so much support and advice and such a lovely person to be around. Thank you so much. XX


The owner of Take Note Virtual Administration

1:1 Personal training

I have been training with Olga this summer and I can honestly say it is the best thing I have ever done! Not only have I lost weight but I am now full of energy and vitality!

She’s so smiley, kind and flexible with timings whilst motivating you to be the best you can and push past your limits!

I can’t recommend her enough, so get training!




1:1 Personal training

I am writing to recommend Olga as a personal trainer.  Throughout the months that we have been training I have noticed amazing changes in my body shape, fitness and overall mental wellbeing. Olga keeps you motivated through using all types of training from boxing to the bosu ball to power plates. She is very organised and I have found it very useful to have a copy of the exercises each week. She is always flexible and very reliable- a perfect balance!.Olga is very knowledgeable about nutrition and is genuinely passionate about leading a healthy life. I would highly recommend her to friends, family and colleagues!!