I offer private one to one or group personal training sessions to individuals who want to reach and maintain a peak level of fitness.

While training I want you to get the most out of our time together, by designing exercise programs that meet your individual goals and work to improve your overall health and fitness level.

Whether you have never been to a gym in your life or you are a regular gym goer, personal training can help change your life, from helping you to lose weight to gaining muscle mass and will leave you feeling more confident and full of energy.

What can you expect from training  with me?


1.) Health & Fitness assessment including checking your body fat percentage and other measurements, waist-hip ratio, blood pressure, BMI and also testing your upper&lower body strength, cardiovascular fitness.

2.) Nutritional consultation – discussing your eating habits, checking your understanding of macronutrients ( carbohydrates, protein, fat ), making sure you understand reading food labels, meal portions, discussing food allergies and hormonal imbalances  as all these can affect your goal.

3.) I will explain to you what to eat before and after workouts, how to fuel your body when working out.

4.) I will  provide you with an individual training plan ( again depending on your goal ).

5.) You will also get your very own Personal Fitness& Health development folder – where you will have all your workouts, assessments&measurements. This way you can keep a track of your progress you make.

6.) You also get a Cardio plan week by week with prescribed speed & resistance for you including all details you need to know if your training requires that.

7.) Finally, you get my 24/7 support – through email, phone or social network


Can I get a taster session?

Yes, you can get 30 min taster session before you purchase any of my training packages.

How shall I book the taster session?

Simply, give me a call on 07760 996685 or send me an email to olga@ohpt.co.uk