The reason why I decided to specialise in Pregnancy Fitness was simply lack of information I could trust about exercises during my pregnancy. Me, as a new mum once too, have spent hours and hours searching for information regarding safe pregnancy exercises. I realised there is not much on the market for new mums and how difficult it is, to get some good advice from a professional.

Pregnancy exercise has always been a bit of a grey area. There are very few qualified professionals out there who are able to offer the right advice on exercise during this time.

As a result women often do too much or too little. Statistics show that only around 15% of women exercise to recommended levels during their pregnancy.

Many women will suffer with aches and pains associated with their pregnancy which may affect them in a number of ways. Lower back pain, pelvic pain and stress incontinence are just a few of the problems that women may suffer from during their childbearing year and the affects can last long after the arrival of their baby.

If you are one of the mums, who would like to keep fit during pregnancy or just need some  advice, let me help you. Give me a shout. 🙂

Olga xx