DO YOU FEEL like stuck inside all day long with the baby/babies/toddlers and feeling the lack of motivation and determination start to exercise again? Do you feel without energy and tired? Or maybe you would like to go back to workout routine but not sure where to start and if it’s safe for you?

Come and join the fun and sociable workouts for moms and babies/toddlers in prams. Each session lasts 1 hour and consists of Powerwalking/jogging (for advanced)  including exercises for the muscular strengthening of the whole body especially the core muscles.



Monday’s course will start 15th of January –  @12pm in Gildridge park



Alternatively, do you know at least three friends, who would like to start a new course with you? You can customize a day/time and location to suit your needs. Simply email me olga@ohpt.co.uk or send me a Facebook message http://www.facebook.com/OHPT1


Choose from Beginner ( 6 weeks to 6 months ) or Advanced ( 6 months and up )

  • Fat burning 1-hour outdoor buggy class for all fitness levels with a qualified Personal trainer ( and mom too ) who specializes in Post-Pregnancy Fitness
  • Bring your baby/babies and toddlers with you
  • Post-pregnancy safe workout you can do after having your baby or even if your baby is already a walker/toddler
  • FREE example of a Breastfeeding friendly weekly meal plan
  • Abdominal assessment and advice for Diastasis Recti and C-Section recovery
  • FREE Restore your inner core muscles Home workout if you need it
  • FREE 4 weeks Post-pregnancy home workout for beginners or advanced
  • FREE support & advice
  • FREE week by week additional  information to help you with your recovery (covering weight loss tips, pelvic floor muscles, nutrition and much more…)


Price of the course:

£35 pp for a minimum of 5 people.

Email me  olga@ohpt.co.uk or send me a facebook message http://www.facebook.com/OHPT1


Watch what Laura Gibson says about classes.



See you around…


Olga xx




Mummy&Buggy 6 weeks course

I am not a massive fan of exercise but really needed to get out of the house, meet people and start getting fit again. Olga is great at letting you set the pace. You can take it easy when you start and push yourself when you feel ready. Even though classes are in a group they can be tailored to the individual as if you can’t do an exercise she will set you something else. I particularly liked that she is fully trained and able to advise what exercise is safe for Mum’s who have just given birth. I now find I finish class full of energy and feeling really good.Thoroughly recommend this class for anyone of any fitness level…Mandy Moon

Senior Test Engineer


Mummy & Buggy Meeting Point